No one has more potential to influence your child's relationship with God than YOU

Does that statement make you feel a little overwhelmed? Never fear... we want to help!


We, as the "Ground Crew", want to serve you and your family as a "Hangar": A place where you can find encouragement and tools to do what God has designed you to do as your child's spiritual "Pilot".


We think you are an awesome "Pilot" for your child's spiritual growth!

Our Sunday morning environment

We've planned our Sunday morning environment for children (newborns through 5th grade) - called Kidz Community - to re-energize your family, giving you a jump start for the week to propel your child's faith.


Your child will be hearing about Jesus in a way they can understand through songs, skits, crafts and creative storytelling. We'd love to have you stop in and check us out!


Our hope is that you will continue the conversation throughout the week. We'll be pointing you toward resources that can help you make that happen in the normal rhythm of your family.


The safety of your precious one is a top priority for us!


When your family arrives at Kidz Community, you will be given two check-in tags that contain a matching code. One tag will be attached to your child, and the other tag you will keep with you during the service. At the end of the service, when you return to pick up your child, the code on the tag your child has will be matched by your child's Group Leader with the code on the copy you have. Our leaders know not to release your child to anyone that doesn't have your copy of the tag.


What if we need you during the service?

The code on your tag is the number that we will display on the two large projector screens in the main auditorium if we should need you to come to Kidz Community for any reason.


What if I lose my copy of the check-in tag?

Simply go to the check-in desk in Kidz Community where you will possibly be asked to show a photo ID for verification. You will then be given another copy of the check-in tag to show to the Group Leader to pick up your child.


Can I send my older child to pick up my younger children?

We ask that only an adult with the check-in tag pick up a child after the service is over.


Sunday Mornings

9:15 AM & 11:00 AM